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Version: 2.4

Content Organization


There are three ways to organize your content in DRAW: Projects and Folders.


Projects are containers for all software pieces that share a same objective. They contain apps, user interfaces, data models, business logic, ...

Projects can also be used to create libraries of reusable bricks that can be imported into other projects.

Organization best practices

When creating a project, it is recommended to create the following folders:

  • UI (UI Components, Screens, …)
  • Logic (Functions & Actions)
  • Data (Data Models, Static Data Folders, Functions & Actions related to data)

Applications are generally located at the root of the project.

Exercise 1 - First project

  1. Create a new Project named Notes.
  2. Open the Project.
  3. Create a new UI App named Notes App.
  4. In the project, create 3 folders:
  • Data
  • Logic
  • UI

The result should look like this:


  1. You can optionally open the app and run it on your smartphone or in a new tab using UI App contextual menu items "Run in browser" or "Share".