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Version: 2.0


Olympe is a data-centric app composition platform.

Applications are composed by combining bricks together. Basically, a brick represents any functionality -- mathematic or logic operations, visual components, data models -- used to build applications and services.

At their core, Olympe applications are composed of data, not code. Projects, apps, screens, functions defined are stored as data, introducing the Software-as-Data notion. The Olympe Virtual Machine interprets these data and transforms them into a running application.

Olympe provides two tools to compose applications:

  • DRAW is a visual editor, which allows building and combining bricks together
  • CODE is a Javascript/Typescript API which allows reusing everything that you already have, using skills that you already have. It can leverage the full front-end and back-end Javascript ecosystem, including nodejs components and graphical libraries such as React.

Olympe Community

Simply register to the Olympe Community to get a free access to Olympe's DRAW functionalities, together with the Forum discussions. The Community includes a limited set of marketplace bricks.

  • The DRAW Tutorials section has tutorials without too much context and theory for those who want to start building quickly
  • The DRAW Reference Guide section provides the underlying context and principles for those who want to dig deeper

As a teaser, here is a 2-minute video showing the creation of a pure front-end app to play with geolocation and reverse geocoding.