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Version: 2.7

About this Book


This is a copy of the Learn Olympe interactive book. It is on the support website for convenience.
To see the original version how it was mean to be, please follow this link: Learn Olympe


Hello reader 👋 and welcome on Learn Olympe!

The goal of this interactive book is, well you may have guessed it, to teach you how to use Olympe to build amazing application. Without futher do, let me explain a little bit more.

What is this interactive book?

This book, or interactive book like I like to call it, is all about teaching how to build application with Olympe. But what is Olympe? Well it is a composition platform that allow to build complex application, I won't go to in-depth now as this question will be answered in the next chapters 😉

As for the interactive part? Well instead of being just a book-like structure in a website, you will also be able to interact with it in some chapters to facilite the learning process. More about it in due time, this is the welcome chapter after all!

What is the purpose of it?

I know I already said it, but just for the sake of it let's say it one last time:

  • For me the goal is: Teaching Olympe
  • For you and all the readers: Learning Olympe

To add to it a bit more, the complete goal of this book is:

Helping any person that wants to build any application for himself or herself, for somebody else, for a business or for a company project. Through a intuitive progression, that allows a gentle yet complete learning experience of the Olympe platform.

For whom is it intended?

It's simple: Anybody! This book aims to be as inclusive as possible, whereas you are a complete beginner with no technical background or a developer with years of experience, or anywhere in between, this is a place for you 💪

Everything will be explained from the ground up so nobody is left behind, and more advanced subjects will also be covered for the more advanced (and to become) readers. Also if you already know Olympe, this book can serve as a good reference to go back to from time to time.


When I said "complete beginner with no technical background", I was maybe a bit too optimistic. If you have no experience with a computer, how to browse the internet, using the explorer to navigate your files and folders. Then this is probably not the right place to start with. But other than that, if you never did any development whatsoever, you can start here with Olympe. The start may be a bit rough at time, but it is perfectly normal. I would recommand that if you felt you didn't understand anything in a chapter, just stop and read it again the next day, this is how I started learning years ago. And sometime just continue reading and go back to it later, you will realize that you understand it better.

How should I use it?

As you would for any book 😉 To be more precise:

  • The book is composed of parts, each part is about a global learning objective
  • Each part is then composed of chapters that teach the learning objective gradually
  • Each chapter will contain exercices to do (practice makes perfect), and the part has a global project (optional but recommended)

Basically if you are a beginner, I recommand to follow each part in order, as they build up on each other. If you are more advanced or you already know the concepts explained in a part, then you can jump to the part that interest you. And of course you can always go back to any chapters, as said this is also a reference book.

The website aims to be as simple as possible, to really focus on the content of the chapter.

Here are the main navigation features to know:

  • Top right, in order: Chapters Menu, Global Search (coming soon), Light/Dark Theme
  • Top left: link to the Support website and other useful links
  • Bottom left and right: buttons go navigate to the Next/Previous chapter

What is the difference with the support website?

You can also find this book directly on the support website, this is for convenience as the support website is the main source of information about Olympe. However Learn Olympe exists for a more book-focused experience, also the interactive components (like the quiz) will only work on Learn Olympe directly.