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Version: 2.7

Getting Started

Let's "install" Olympe!

Before we can start playing with Olympe, we obviously need to install it 😉

Installing is actually not the right word, as all you will need is to register yourself on the Community, and everything will be doable directly in your browser. But there are more than one solutions when it comes to using Olympe, let's also discuss them.

The many ways we can do it

1. Create a free account on the Community instance
This is the simplest option to try out Olympe, nothing to install or setup, only an account to create. It gives full access to DRAW. The downsides are no customisation of the instance and no access to CODE. However it will be enough for the first steps 👍

2. Install everything on your computer (local setup)
Here you download and install everything on your local computer, it gives full access to DRAW and CODE, and you can customize fully also. The downsides are more prerequisites needed and your applications are only local. We will explore this option when we start playing with CODE in addition to DRAW.

3. Choose a dedicated instance with Olympe
Now we enter into the more professional/serious area, this is when you want to bring your game to the next level and actually use Olympe to create applications for people to use. Full access to DRAW and CODE, with all the infrastructure done for you. And you can customize it to suit your needs.

4. Setup a personal instance on premise
This option is the same as 3., but you manage the infrastructure yourself. Mainly tailored for companies that want to have control over their IT services.

In the next section we will see how to use the first option, as this is enough for this part. The other options will be explained when their respective parts are written, and I will update this chapter too. In the meantime, if you are interested by a specific option, you can check the Support website for more information or ask your questions on the Discord channel. And for 3. and 4., you can contact Olympe directly on 😉

Create a free account on the Community

As we will only need DRAW for the moment, the Community option is great for us! So let's see how to create an account on it, it will take around 5 minutes only.

This is the procedure:

  1. Open a new tab in your favorite browser
  2. Open the link
    • You will be redirected to, that's normal
  3. On the right, click on the Register link
  4. Enter your information and click the Register button
  5. You will receive an email with a link to validate your account
    • Click on the link when you have the email
    • It will open a new tab and load DRAW, the first time it may take up to a minute
  6. That's it, you have an account on the Community
  7. Next time you want to connect, just fill in your login information and click Sign in

Next steps

That's all! You can maybe bookmark the Community link in your favorite browser for easy access. Now that everything is in place, I invite you to click on the Next button (bottom right) to create your first application with Olympe 🎉