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Version: 2.7

User Interface - Navigation


Transitions between screens are defined in App Editor / ScreenFlow Editor. create_transition

Transitions are triggered by events on the source screen. edit_transition

Under the hood

Adding an event from a transition is actually a shortcut that…

  1. Creates a new Event in the Screen:


  1. Defines a new Action on a UI Component (e.g. Click on Button):


  1. Configure the Action of step 2 to “dispatch“ the Event created at step 1:


  1. Link the Event to the Transition:


Exercise 6 – Navigation

The goal of this exercise is to create transitions from/to home screen and "New note" scren. transition_event_link

  1. Go to App “Notes App”
  2. Create a transition from ”Home” screen to “New note” screen
    • Click events on button “New note button” must trigger this transition
  3. Create a transition from “New note” screen to “Home” screen
    • “On left button click” event on the header must trigger this transition
  4. Open the app in a new tab and check that clicking on "New note" and "Back" takes you back and forth