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Version: 2.7

Content Organization


There are three ways to organize your content in DRAW: Projects and Folders.


Projects are containers for all software pieces that share a same objective. They contain apps, user interfaces, data models, business logic, …

Projects can also be used to create libraries of reusable bricks that can be imported into other projects.

Organization best practices

When creating a project, it’s recommended to create following folders:

  • UI (UI Components, Screens, …)
  • Logic (Functions & Actions)
  • Data (Data Models, Static Data Folders, Functions & Actions related to data)

Applications are generally located at the root of the project.

Exercise 1 - First project

  1. Create a new Project named Notes.
  2. Open the Project.
  3. Create a new UI App named Notes App.
  4. In the project, create 3 folders:
  • Data
  • Logic
  • UI

The result should look like this:


  1. You can optionally open the app and run it on your smartphone or in a new tab using UI App contextual menu items "Run in browser" or "Share".