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Version: 2.7

Video Content Creation

On a Mac with retina display ○ Chrome zoom 67% ○ Quicktime capture screen 600 x 400 px Note: the video resolution is 1200 x 800 and plays back at 600 x 400 ○ save to myvideo.mp4 ○ if we need a GIF convert to myvideo.gif via Gifski at 600 x 400 i.e. 50% ○ if GIF, copy gif to the folder /documentation/docs/5_learn_the_basics/assets ○ if Video, copy mp4 to /documentation/static/learn_the_basics

Learn The Basics add the image or video to a section i.e. an .md file

For a GIF add the image this way

![my video tootlip](assets/myvideo.gif)

For a Video use this

<video muted controls autoplay="true" loop="true" width="600">
<source src="/learn_the_basics/myvideo.mp4" type="video/mp4" />

Videos need to be in a versioned folder, v1 being the version 1 i.e. /documentation/static/learn_the_basics/v1 If a given video never needs to be updated it will remain in that folder If it needs to be updated, a new version will be output in a Vx folder e.g. v2 and put in /documentation/static/learn_the_basics/v2 The Learn The Basics text section being versioned automatically, the old versions will still point at the v1 folder while the newer version will at the v2 folder.

GIFs are versioned automatically