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Version: 2.6

Data - Config & Runtime Data


For a given Data Type instances are created an manipulated by the application. While instances created by the application via the API are runtime instances that appear in the Runtime Data Set tab, we can also manually add Config Data with a Config Data Set brick.

Config Data Set

Config Data Sets are a way to create and manage instances of Config Data Types. Objects can be created, updated and deleted.


Runtime Data

Available in the Project editor as a tab. It displays object instances of a Data Type created within an app at runtime. The editor also has a + button to create runtime instances like the runtime app does.


Exercise 8 – Categories Data

The goal of this exercise is to define the list of possible note categories.


  1. Go back to Project “Notes”.
  2. Open Folder “Data”.
  3. Create a new Config Data Set named “Categories”.
  4. Open it.
  5. Click on Category.
  6. Add different categories (e.g. ideas, work, …).