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Version: 2.5



An interactive version of this book is available here.

The journey begins!

Let's start our Olympe journey! There is a lot to cover, but every journey starts with the first steps!

The learning objective, what we want to achieve, is the following: Getting a first view on DRAW and create a simple application

Simple enough isn't it? 😄 Indeed we'll see how Olympe helps us building applications in simple and visual ways with DRAW. However as in this book we want everybody, even person with no technical background, to be able to enjoy the satisfaction that comes from building software from the ground up. We gonna have to discuss and explore many core building blocks and try to answer those questions:

  1. What is Olympe exactly? Why and how do we use it?
  2. What is DRAW and how is it organized?
  3. How to create our first application using UI App?
  4. What is a type? A value? How do we combine them?
  5. How do we use Screenflows to build multi-screens apps?
  6. What is composition? How to apply it with Visual Components?
  7. What are user interactions? How to use them in our apps?

Sounds already much more complicated than expected :worry: Fear not! Each chapter will approach each concept one-by-one, with as many examples and pictures as possible.

Additionally, as the saying says: It's by Olymping than you become an Olympian, or something like this, each chapter will contains 1 or more exercises to practise what was learned. With solution and explanations :noway:

To make those exercises more pratical than theorical: they will all be related to a little game we will be building during the chapters. So you will be able to see a more real-world application of each concept in a fun way 😄 But more about it in due time!