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2.3 - January 2023

🧩 Components version / Dependencies

  • Olympe DRAW v2.3.0 / CODE v9.3.0 / Orchestrator v7.0.0

New Features

  • Marketplace search improved for Logic & Visual Editors
    Now the search in the marketplace field is a fuzzy search that is more typo-tolerant and will still find the bricks you want; Also the two tabs (Local & Community) have been removed for the sake of simplicity and discoverability of the bricks. Now the bricks that are already imported in your project are in dark gray, whereas those not yet imported (the former community tab) comes at the end of the results in a lighter gray; Finally, the search for the bricks not only takes into account the name of the brick, but also its summary and description.

  • Comments and Todos
    You can now leave notes inside the logic editor. You can switch between two types: comments and todos. They are available when editing a Function, an Action, a Workflow, a DataModel or in the ScreenFlow.

  • More flexibility added to the media library
    From now on you can download the items pushed by anyone to the media library in your project; Also you can update the content directly on the spot, which spares you the need to go inside the app down to the place where that file was used to update it afterward, it’s all done in a one single operation.

  • Animated gifs removed
    The animated gifs inside empty folders and functions have annoyed you? They annoyed us as well. Now replaced by the regular 'Learn the Basics' section, so there is no need in them anymore, they've just left the platform.

  • Auto-generated API Documentation
    You can now find online the description of the Olympe Code API.

  • Search bar inside documentation
    We integrated the new search bar that you can find in the top right corner of this page to find more easily the documentation you are looking for.

  • Backend robustness improvements

    • Node Backends now produces a health-check endpoint that, once called, will check:
      • The connectivity to the rabbitMQ bus
      • The connection to the orchestrator
      • If we’re still authenticated
      • If the application is well started
      • Customs checks can be added thanks to the new «Register Health Check» brick.
    • New Code API is capable of registering graceful shutdowns;
    • To facilitates debugging and investigation inside the backend the logs have been reviewed :
      • Logged to the JSON format to be understood by cabana properly;
      • Possibility to filter by log level from the configuration.
  • RabbitMQ Connectivity bugfixes & stabilization
    A few memory leaks and improper handling of the connectivity to the rabbitMQ bus have been fixed, which results in an increased stability for our backends now.

Additional notes

Runtime Platform

  • Expose healthcheck endpoint in public API
    New Public API to handle custom health checks and graceful shutdown: Process.onHealthCheck and Process.onShutdown.

  • Add an option to disable tooltips New config parameter: ui.noTooltips, a boolean. Default value is false. Set to true when it is necessary to disable the tooltips.

  • Format logs
    Can add new parameters in oConfig: loglevel.<loggerName> to filter out log from a certain level, (e.g "warn" to get warning & errors). If the prefix in draw bricks match a logLevel, it will be used as such.
    The loggerName to use for "Log" and "DebugLog" bricks is loglevel.draw


  • Lot of documentation reviews for the bricks
  • Azure AD drop-down issues
  • DataGrid multiple issues
  • Documentation issues in Marketplace-Commons bricks
  • Invalid values mishandling by some Marketplace-Commons bricks
  • Documentation issues in Marketplace-UI-Templates bricks
  • Bug in Get Touch Event brick
  • Dropdown selected value crash if used with objects
  • FREEZE on attempt to get over 100 values from Excel File
  • Export internal helper markdownTextToReactElement
  • Crash when setting 'Selected Values' in 'Dropdown'
  • SQL Execute brick does not work with MSSQL & Azure DBs
  • Modify the Login bricks
  • Row cannot be deselected if multi-selection is not enabled for DataGrid
  • No response from AWS OCR brick
  • Expose sx property on stepper, drawer and accordion
  • On Selected event broken for Dataset editor
  • Upgrade Datagrid
  • Issues with List Includes and Find in List bricks
  • Documentation for Feed UI Property & Set UI Property
  • "Filter list contains" brick crash if some of the properties are null
  • The "Log" brick should show 0 when 'falsy' 0 number-type value is on the input
  • Register Health check brick
  • Improve the Log & Debug Log bricks
  • Improved documentation of Create/Delete/Delete All bricks
  • Clean up docu of the 'Scheduled Tasks List' brick
  • "Create GPS coords" (action) throws an error when run
  • Push Navigation State brick should not run within DRAW
  • 'QR & Barcode scanner' - red frame detaches when resizing
  • Mail bricks should use OAUTH2
  • MUI Circular Progress brick cause a crash by changing the MUI Color property
  • Excel <-> CSV <-> JSON bricks
  • Dropdown issues
  • Items not displayed in Data Grid if open/close Column Renderer
  • Toast-UI package - remove dependencies on Material and deprecated components
  • No description for the 'Filter List has Related' brick
  • Crash on color change in the Menu component when Data prop is defined
  • "Slice list" should take away 1 element instead of the list length
  • Camera brick generates low resolution images made with a phone camera
  • HTTP request bricks should accept JSON format

Bug fixes

  • Nodejs app graceful shutdown and health check
  • MQTT reconnecting to bus error after time off
  • Service apps should keep their token alive
  • Memory leak in Remote Actions
  • Graceful shutdown when backend crashed
  • Fix debounced start of webserver
  • Reconnection to the bus should not reuse old token
  • Object deletion fails if we never created a related object
  • Fix public API typing
  • HTMLLabel must correctly display ellipsis even after the label changes size
  • Remote action crash on misauthentication
  • Delete function button does not clear up the value on its output
  • Share app via QR window is not closed when clicked outside
  • Services are visible in actions, and inputs/outputs can be added
  • When there are too many images in media library, scrolling is buggy
  • Descriptions lower than property in Spec&Doc
  • Cannot scroll descriptions in Spec&Doc
  • Visual gliches on 'Reset' in Safari
  • Draw Navigation Controller should not be activated when not in Draw
  • Wrong case of text for the learn the basics title on the Panel
  • Cropped marketplace panel
  • Warning on cancelling process function in WorkFlow
  • Scrolling on components prevents scrolling in Project Editor
  • Error on fast updating links in Action editor
  • Add assets path and pages pages config in Documentation Service
  • Debugger discovery process fails often
  • 'Info' and 'SearchUsages' icons are not displayed on props after clicking the 'Reset' button
  • Brick tooltip to show the brick's summary
  • The "value" prop is not among the first anymore
  • Long name of imported project overlays the 'Type' in 'Dependencies'
  • The business model is not displayed in the list in the Data Set

🚧 ⏳ What we are working on

  • Productivity improvements (Copy/paste, refactoring, multi selection, global search, ...)
  • Data Integration, the ability to connect to multiple data sources
  • Performances (Keeping up to date to node version, load testing capabilities)
  • Mutualization of the orchestrator for multiple instances
  • Bug hunt season is open

🔎 Where to find us

In case you have questions …