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Version: 2.5



Type Aliases


CacheStatus: { files: { processed: number; total: number }; processing: boolean; queries: { processed: number; total: number } }

Type declaration

  • files: { processed: number; total: number }
    • processed: number
    • total: number
  • processing: boolean
  • queries: { processed: number; total: number }
    • processed: number
    • total: number


Class<T>: new () => T

Type parameters

  • T

Type declaration

    • new (): T
    • Returns T


FollowRule: Property<number>


FunctionBrick: Brick

use Brick instead


ImplicitQueryOption: { storeInCacheDB?: boolean }

Type declaration

  • optionalstoreInCacheDB?: boolean


InstanceOrTag: string | HasTag | typeof CloudObject

A InstanceOrTag can be either a string, a HasTag (CloudObject instance, Property, Relation, …) or the class constructor for a CloudObject


InstanceTag: InstanceOrTag | Entry


List<T>: T[] | (T extends CloudObject | CloudObject[] ? QueryResult<T> : never)

Type parameters

  • T


Operation: { model: string; object: string; properties?: Map<string, any>; type: CREATE } | { model: string; object: string; properties: Map<string, any>; type: UPDATE } | { model: string; object: string; type: DELETE } | { from: string; fromModel: string; relation: string; to: string; toModel: string; type: CREATE_RELATION } | { from: string; fromModel: string; relation: string; to: string; toModel: string; type: DELETE_RELATION }

Represents an operation that can be performed regarding data type instances.


ParsedPredicate: { name: IS; tags: string[] } | { caseSensitive: boolean; name: CONTAINS; property: string; value: string } | { name: EQUALS; property: string; value: any } | { name: INEQUALITY_OPERATOR; operator: string; property: string; strict: boolean; value: any } | { name: NOT; predicate: ParsedPredicate } | { caseSensitive: boolean; name: REGEX; pattern: RegExp; property: string }

Details for a predicate from the OLYMPE query API


QueryOptions: { cacheBucketName?: string }

Type declaration

  • optionalcacheBucketName?: string


SRPData: { login: string; salt: string; username: string; verifier: string }

Type declaration

  • login: string
  • salt: string
  • username: string
  • verifier: string


Source: PredefinedDataSource | string

When manipulating CloudObjects, sometimes it is required to manually set the data source of that object. Source determines where the object comes from: what data source is the owner of the object across the ecosystem.


TransactionOptions: { batch: boolean }

Additional options for transactions to be processed by a data source.

  • batch: if true, it means that the transaction has been executed using the Transaction.executeAsLarge() function.

Type declaration

  • batch: boolean


UserToken: { idpName: string; nonce: string; payload: Object; protocol: AuthProtocol; user: string; userTag: string }

Type declaration

  • idpName: string
  • nonce: string
  • payload: Object
  • protocol: AuthProtocol
  • user: string
  • userTag: string



Global variable, constructor of class Relation.