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Version: 2.7

November 2021

🧩 Components version / Dependencies​

  • Olympe DRAW v1.16.0 / CODE v8.6.0 / Orchestrator v5.9.7

🧠 πŸ’‘ Improvements/Bug fixes​

  • You can now set default values for Visual Components

  • Themes creation is not supported anymore (don’t worry, coming soon with a twist)

  • Olympe applications now support OAuth2 Identity Domain Providers in addition to SAML

  • All the basic UI components (Button, Label, Text, Dropdown etc) are now based on Material UI

  • The Advanced mode is providing the access to Function Signatures, thereby enabling functional programming and enhanced composability

  • DRAW performance and stability improvements

  • The Olympe Community is now open! Send us an email to be part of the revolution!

🚧 ⏳ What we are working on​

  • Providing additional Material UI components

  • Automatic generation of form components based on data models

πŸ”Ž Where to find us​

In case you have questions …