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Version: 2.7

July 2021

🧩 Components version / Dependencies

  • Olympe DRAW v1.13.0 / CODE v8.3.0 / Orchestrator v5.9.2

🧠 💡 Improvements/Bug fixes

  • Core bricks are now open source and available in our Github

  • Enhancements in the CODE public API for the file management and datamodel

  • Alphabetical sort of bricks in the Folder Editor

  • Improvement of the Swagger/OpenAPI wizard

  • The Olympe Community is now open!

  • Failover/high availability for the Olympe orchestrator

🚧 ⏳ What we are working on

  • Integrating Material UI for Visual Components

  • You will be able to start/stop/monitor the ServiceApps directly in DRAW

  • DRAW improvements based on the Community feedback

  • Facilitate integration with other systems

🔎 Where to find us

In case you have questions …