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Version: 2.7

December 2021

🧩 Components version / Dependencies

  • Olympe DRAW v1.17.0 / CODE v8.7.0 / Orchestrator v6.1.0

🧠 💡 Improvements/Bug fixes

Core Bricks

  • UI components are now based on Material UI, and new components are available: Camera, Media Player and Dialog

  • We can now make horizontal lists

  • We removed some deprecated (and unused) bricks

  • Our GitHub repository now includes the code of all Core bricks


  • Automatic generation of form components based on data types

  • We can now control which projects can be imported by other projects

  • You can now manage Remote Actions and Services as reusable bricks

  • You can now define Abstract Visual Component in order to create predefined sets of UI properties

  • DRAW performance and wizard pop-ups improvements

  • 'Business Model' inside the Data Model have been renamed to 'Data Type'


  • Simplify the import and usage of external JS/TS libraries (e.g. npm)

  • Improved DRAW-CODE integration: call any brick from code

  • Simplified imports of external libraries

  • Improved API for UI bricks

  • Updated code skeletons for coded bricks

  • Updated tutorials

The Olympe Community is now open! Send us an email to be part of the revolution!

🚧 ⏳ What we are working on

  • Permissions

  • Improved documentation and tutorials

🔎 Where to find us

In case you have questions …