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Version: 2.7

2.5.2 - December 2023

Following our latest minor version, we come back with some very useful new features, enhanchements and bug fixes: welcome to Olympe v2.5.2!

If you wish to get straight into the action, you can jump directly here. For the changes included in this release, stick around and keep reading.

Major features

Undo / Redo in logic editors

Undo/Redo functionality grants users the ability to reverse or reapply the previous actions. While the Visual Editor has long supported this feature, it was notably absent in the Logic Editor — but not anymore.

Introducing this capability to the Logic Editor marks a significant enhancement. We anticipate this addition will significantly improve users' confidence when working with Draw, empowering developers to effortlessly revert any undesired changes.

Filters in runtime and dataset editors

It was possible to sort rows in runtime and dataset editors, and it is now possible to filter. This greatly improves navigating within large collections of data.

The filters provide relevant prompt for each type of value such as string (with partial match), number, color, date and boolean (with exact match).

Ability to add a DOM ID to Visual Components

You can now attach a DOM ID to any Visual Component. You will find the property in the "Visual Properties" tab of the Properties panel.

In DrawResult in the app

Ability to store files on disk when using a PostgreSQL data source

When using a PostgreSQL data source, the default behaviour for storing files is to keep them as binary in the database itself. While this is easy and convenient for small files or a small number of files, it may lead to performance issue for large applications with a heavy use of files.

Now you can choose to use a file system to store the files and enable this setting by passing a filePath prop to the data config of your datasource. For example:

"data": {
"host": "<host>",
"user": "<user>",
"password": "<password>",
"database": "<database>",
"schema": "<schema>",
"filePath": "<path_to_volume>" // by providing a value, this will automatically enable the storage on disk instead of db

Improvements and other new features

Aside of the major features, many bugs were fixed and many improvements were made. Here is an exhaustive list.

Olympe DRAW

  • Fixed promotion of Visual Components
  • Config Datasets now highlight which Config Data Types are instanciated
  • Ability to clear number values with the inline editor
  • Visual Editor: double click on any Visual Component to open it (no more "Edit" blue bar)
  • Logic Editor: double click on the brick name to open the brick
  • Logic Editor: a tooltip shows the full name of input/output of bricks (useful for long names)

Olympe CODE and runtimes

  • Improved offline performance
  • Improved Log bricks now display only relevant properties
  • Removed loading texts when launching apps
  • Ability to disable guest permission on the business container
  • Fix transaction acknowledge when done from a backend to itself

Olympe CORE and extensions

  • Dataset Editor: fix edition of cell

Use v2.5.2

  • Olympe DRAW v2.5.2 / CODE v9.5.2 / Extensions v2.5.1 / Orchestrator v7.1.5 / DevTools v2.5.0

To check that your Olympe environment is on v2.5.2: log in DRAW and click on the top-right logo, you'll see the current version you are using.

CODE update

If you are using coded bricks, please update your package.json file with the following dependencies:

// Dev dependencies:
"@olympeio/dev-tools": "2.5.0",
"@olympeio/draw": "2.5.2",

// Dependencies
"@olympeio/runtime-web": "9.5.2",
"@olympeio/runtime-node": "9.5.2",
"@olympeio/core": "2.5.1"
// Olympe Extensions
"@olympeio-extensions/...": "2.5.1"