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Version: 2.7

2.4.5 - August 2023

We are excited to announce the release of version 2.4.5 of platform. This update includes several new features and improvements. Here are some of the key updates:

🧩 Components version / Dependencies

  • Olympe DRAW v2.4.5 / Runtime v9.4.5 / Marketplace v2.4.4 / Orchestrator v7.1.3

If you are using coded bricks, see the corresponding package.json updates below.

Improvements and other new features


This release requires a resetdb of the environment to get the new code as data.

Draw 2.4.5

  • Olympe folder now visible and accessible from Draw.
  • Draw displays only projects the user is explicitly part of:
    • as a contributor
    • as a viewer
    • public projects
  • Documentation button in editor header to display documentation of the brick currently opened.
  • Gesture to delete pipes in logic editor improved:
    • Requires a long click (250ms) to activate the deletion: avoid wrong suppression while moving the panel.
    • Pipe removed after releasing the click
    • Pipe becomes red when it will be deleted
  • Logic Editor: Deletion and promotion of multiple bricks fixed.

Runtime 9.4.5

  • defaultHost parameter provides good default values to other configs:
    •, server.port and server.ssl
    •, bus.port, bus.ssl and bus.path
    • data.httpHost, data.httpPort, data.httpSSL and data.httpPath Using defaultHost should be sufficient to give the runtime the environment to connect to. For frontends, the default value of defaultHost is the hostname of the URL, for backends, it is localhost.
  • Fix file persistence for file created within a service application.
  • Clean and improved documentation of primordial elements of the language (eg: primitive types, projects, ...).

Core 2.4.4

  • New SQL Data Connector: connect to a SQL database behind a HTTP proxy. Check documentation of the connector for more details.
  • Large transactions accepted by data sources. SQL Connectors use batch inserts for object creation instead of classical insert.
  • Get Current User brick fixed.

Common 2.4.4

  • DataGrid visual component now also accept inherited properties

CODE update

If you are using coded bricks, please update your package.json file with the following dependencies:

// Dev dependencies:
"@olympeio/dev-tools": "2.4.0",
"@olympeio/draw": "2.4.5",

// Dependencies
"@olympeio/runtime-web": "9.4.5",
"@olympeio/runtime-node": "9.4.5",
"@olympeio/core": "2.4.4"
"@olympeio-extensions/... ": "2.4.4" // <-- version numbers of all extensions are increased