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Version: 2.7

2.0 - May 2022

🧩 Components version / Dependencies

  • Olympe DRAW v2.0 / CODE v9.0 / Orchestrator v6.3

🧠 💡 Improvements/Bug fixes


  • We have now added Permissions for Projects: decide who can view or modify your project thanks to the Users & Role Editor

  • DRAW now has Read-Only projects and the ability to set which Projects and Bricks can be public or private

  • An improved DBConnector makes it easier to store data in SQL databases

  • DRAW performance and wizard pop-ups improvements

  • The community includes sample applications that you can play with. Open them to see how they are built, and make a copy to modify them.

  • DRAW includes a built-in feedback form, which we encourage you to use 😊

  • Improved navigation in DRAW: navigate back and forth using the back and forward buttons of your browser, and their associated keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-left arrow and Ctrl-right arrow or Cmd-left arrow and Cmd-right arrow) your browser history and can go directly inside anonymous functions from a URL, back and forward buttons of browser.

  • Improved grouping and ungrouping of UI components, including the ability to create a group with a single element (which some of you were eagerly waiting for 😉 )

  • Make it easier to access brick's documentation by generalizing the ⓘ icon

  • In the UI Editor, we reordered properties for quicker access


  • Fixed an issue with the Regex brick raised on Github

  • Improved JSON manipulation bricks

  • Improved data query bricks making easier to build rich queries and handle large sets of data


  • Improved DRAW-CODE integration: call any brick from code

  • A whole new CODE Public API for transactions and queries (see tutorial)

  • CODE new tutorials and documentation

  • Our GitHub repository includes the code of all core bricks

The Olympe Community is now open! Send us an email to be part of the revolution!

We encourage you to provide us feedback from the revamped Feedback Form.

🚧 ⏳ What we are working on

  • Improving the user experience in DRAW, stay tuned for more!

  • Workflow Editor

  • Improved documentation and tutorials

🔎 Where to find us

In case you have questions …