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Version: 2.7

Use Services and Remote Actions

Drag & drop services and remote actions to attach them to this Service App. Click on a service or remote action to access its implementation.


Services are long running tasks. They are started when the Service App is launched, and run until the Service App is stopped. Services are typically used to:

  • Listen to incoming emails
  • Run batch jobs
  • Expose REST APIs
  • Synchronize cloud applications
  • Run scheduled tasks
  • ...

Remote Actions

Remote Actions are triggered when called and completes after outputting all results. They are typically called by UI Apps (or by other Service Apps) to trigger an action that must run on a backend for security or performance reasons. Remote Actions can typically be used to:

  • Send emails
  • Call REST APIs using secure API keys or other authentication mechanisms
  • Access databases, file shares, blob storage or other restricted services
  • ...

Use built-in & custom services