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Version: 2.7

Search in the Marketplace

When searching for a brick, the engine will look for the terms in the brick name, summary and description.

If you are looking for something specific, you can use the following syntax:

Fuzzy search

By default the search is fuzzy.

  • Creatte File will find the Create File brick

Exact Match

  • =Creatte will not find bricks with Create


White space acts as an AND operator, while a single pipe ('|') acts as an OR.

  • Create File searches for Create AND File
  • Create|File searches for Create OR File

To escape a white space, use double quote such as: ="Create File"

Include / Exclude (', !)

  • 'Create will find any brick that specifically includes Create
  • !Create will find the bricks that do not include Create
  • Create !File will find bricks with Create but not File

Start with (^)

  • ^Create searches for terms starting with Create
  • !^Create searches for terms not starting with Create

End with ($)

  • File$ searches for terms ending with File
  • !File$ searches for terms not ending with File


This fuzzy search capability is only available in the following editors:

  • Action Editor
  • Function Editor
  • Visual Editor