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Version: 2.6

March 2021

🧩 Components version / Dependencies​

  • Olympe DRAW 1.11.0 / Olympe CODE v8.0.0, Olympe Orchestrator v5.8.0 and Neo4J 4
  • Olympe Code 8.0.0 / Olympe Orchestrator minimal version: v5.8.0, optimal: v5.8.2 and Neo4J 4
  • Olympe Orchestrator 5.8.2

πŸ“’ πŸŽ‰ What’s new?​

New features, functionalities​

  • Safe mode: recover broken projects - avoid getting stuck in DRAW by allowing the user to reload the UI Editor in safe mode, without rendering any broken data.

Error message prompt to the user, inviting to reload DRAW in Safe mode to edit the problematic brick: safeMode ReloadsafeMode

  • Edit input/output type in logic editor
  • Added support for large transactions, via dedicated HTTP endpoints.
  • Only Projects can now be imported/exported from DRAW.
  • DRAW stability and zoom issues improvements.

🧠 πŸ’‘ Improvements/Bug fixes​

  • Domains (Login bricks included) are now removed.
  • Offline mode improvements.
  • Map Component - updates for map rendering and map ID due to changes in the map providers.
  • SC Runtime spinner.
  • You will see dates stored in UTC timezone within Neo4j.
  • Bricks created in Olympe DRAW are by default public now.
  • Various UI improvements for bricks, property picker, logic editor, tooltips and zoom issues.
  • You can create an OpenAPI connector only from inside a Project or a Folder.
  • Snapshooter small enhancements.

🚧 ⏳ What we are working on​

  • Productize upgrade tool - to make it easier to upgrade a project from one DRAW/VM version to another
  • Auto Save in DRAW
  • Public API (phases 1-2-3-4): Creation of Bricks using standard JS with a simpler API
  • Distributed Orchestrator: Provide resilience, failover and clustering
  • Start / Stop Service Apps (backends) from DRAW
  • Guide users in DRAW: Help the user when an editor is empty
  • Undo/Redo in DRAW UI Editor
  • Variables and events manipulation in the logic editor

πŸ”Ž Where to find us​

In case you have questions …