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Version: 2.2

August 2022

🧩 Components version / Dependencies​

  • Olympe DRAW v2.1 / CODE v9.1 / Orchestrator v6.3.1

🧠 πŸ’‘ Improvements/Bug fixes​

New Features​

  • ResetDB procedure now preserves users and business data !
  • Workflow editor:
    • New inline editor for workflow states and transitions
    • Check this tutorial to discover how it works.
  • Learn the basics: collapsible panel under the Marketplace tab
  • Documentation: add β“˜ icon for each UI control property
  • Define property documentation for Visual Component inherited UI properties

Important notes​

  • "JSON to Cloud Object" new action brick only support primitive properties. Non-primitive properties are supported by the experimental JSON to Cloud Object function
  • Properties of objects in static data folder remain editable at runtime.
  • Data Sets renamed to Static Data Folders
    • Can only create instances of models without relation.
    • Must be used for the code as data only (= enriched enums).
  • Project Data Set renamed to Runtime Data
    • Possibility of creating runtime data from that editor, creating relations as well.
    • Only display business data of the current project, stored in Neo4J, not compatible yet with db connectors.
  • New linter subeditor and pipe typechecking on function subeditor
    • There is two new features in this ticket :
      • Project editor: there is a new subeditor which is the β€œIssues” editor. This sub-editor contains multiple filters that analyse the project from the roots to detect errors or warnings. You can click on any entry in the issue list to go to the issue and fix it
      • Function editor: in the function edition when you have wrong typed pipe (β€œBoolean connected to String” for example), the pipe change color to either red for an error or yellow for a warning. When you hover over the pipe you can see a tooltip explaining to you the error.
    • The available filters for now are :
      • Mismatched types inside any function anonymous or not of the project. If a function with a warning or error in the pipe is not detected it is not an expected behaviour !
      • Deprecated bricks inside any function or component in the project. This should also include user defined function and component. On the issue list you can directly see the documentation of the brick and again click on it to go to the place where this deprecated bricks is used. Bricks that are deprecated but not used in the project are not reported !
  • Change the way you get your version.json file for your project:
    • Ensure to update the webpack config of your project:
      • remove the index.html and version.json files from the res/ folder of your project
      • configure webpack to copy the index.html and version.json from the draw dependency module (like it is already the case for images, fonts, etc folders).
    • To see how to do it, use the latest version of the yeoman project generator to generate a new olympe project and see what webpack config is generated (check this tutorial).
  • Improve visuals of brick connections and data model relations
  • How to check Knex pool behaviour
    • The pool of connections of the SQLConnector can now be configured via the oConfig.json:
      "dbconnector": {
      // ...
      "minConnections": 0, // Minimum amount of connections opened to the DB (default = 0)
      "maxConnections": 10, // Maximum amount of simultaneous connection opened to the DB (default = 10)
      "connectionsTimeout": 60000 // Time (in ms) that the connection requests to the DB will wait before timeout. (default = 1 min)
    • In order to better understand how and when connections to the database are required, acquired and released, you can add the following environment variable when starting the service app containing the SQLConnector: DEBUG=knex.client node main.js
  • The public API typescript files has been fixed for QueryResults and Queries.
  • New method available on CloudObject: observeProperties() that returns an observable of couple [Property<T>, T], T being the property type.
  • New types in the Public API linked to the workflows:
    • Workflow
    • WorkflowState
    • WorkflowTransition
    • WorkflowObjectState
  • Calls to BrickContext#observe after its destruction do not dispatch an error through the observable anymore but completes it instead.
  • FeedUIProperty is now working property and propagate null values (typically when a property is cleared).
  • Increase bodyLimit for the node webservice used by the file system
    • new oConfig parameter net.httpBodyLimit in Mbytes. Default value is 100MB

Breaking changes​

  • Fix dropdown input value after selecting an autocomplete option
  • The "Autocomplete Text" property of the component is now emptied when a value is chosen.

🚧 ⏳ What we are working on​

  • RabbitMQ Security fix
  • Themes support
  • Debugger
  • Tutorial for the local installation with the community

πŸ”Ž Where to find us​

In case you have questions …