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This guided tutorial goes into some details of the concepts behind DRAW and Olympe. If you would rather go straight to the point, take a look at our first app, or expense app tutorials, and refere to the DRAW Reference Guide for more details.

This section provides an overview of DRAW core features and how to use them. Each topic includes one or more exercises in order to put into practice the different concepts.

A basic note application is the narrative thread for all these exercises. It is composed of a 3 screens:

  1. Home screen: List all existing notes
  2. New note screen: Form to create a new note (summary and content)
  3. View note screen: Display the detail of a note


TODO: because this intro has been placed into the "TUtorials section", it cannot be placed at two different places. To find the next step, navigate into "(legacy) DRAW --> Content organization"