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Olympe is a data-centric app composition platform.

Applications are composed by combining bricks together. Basically, a brick represents any functionality -- mathematic or logic operations, visual components, data models -- used to build applications and services.

At their core, Olympe applications are composed of data, not code. Projects, apps, screens, functions defined are stored as data, introducing the Software-as-Data notion. The Olympe Virtual Machine interprets these data and transforms them into a running application.

Olympe provides two tools to compose applications:

  • DRAW is a visual editor, which allows building and combining bricks together
  • CODE is a Javascript/Typescript API which allows reusing everything that you already have, using skills that you already have. It can leverage the full front-end and back-end Javascript ecosystem, including nodejs components and graphical libraries such as React.

Olympe Community

If you are interested in trying Olympe for free, then the Olympe Community is definitely the place for you, where you can bring your ideas to life. The Community provides free and limited access to Olympe DRAW's functionalities, together with the Forum discussions.
As of today, you must register to the Olympe Community, and we'll be happy to onboard you!

  • The DRAW Tutorials section has tutorials without too much context and theory for those who want to start building quickly
  • The DRAW Reference Guide section provides the underlying context and principles for those who want to dig deeper

As a teaser, here is a 2-minute video showing the creation of a pure front-end app to play with geolocation and reverse geocoding.