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Install CODE and DRAW


Not all artefacts are yet available, but we are working hard on making Olympe accessible publicly. Stay tuned, or get in touch to be notified once it is available.


You will need:

Installing the Olympe Yeoman generator#

The generator installs all dependencies and create all configuration and runtime files needed to execute Olympe apps. To install it run:

npm install --global @olympeio/generator-project

Generate a new Olympe project#

To setup a new project, create an empty directory and navigate to it:

mkdir newProject
cd newProject

Then call yeoman

yo @olympeio/project

When asked whether you want to import an existing project, answer no. Answer the questions as you see fit until being asked whether you want to perform a reset. If you started from scratch, answer yes. If not, typically because you have existing work in DRAW you want to keep, answer no.

Start the Olympe backend#

Yeoman automatically generates a descriptor indicating how to retrieve and start an Olympe backend that is necessary to work in "local mode". To start this backend, simply type

docker-compose up -d

This launches two containers: a Neo4j database, and the Olympe Orchestrator. You can check that everything is up-and-running by visiting http://localhost:8080/status/. All boxes should be green.

If you experience an error, possibly because you have executed the Olympe backend sometime else in the past, run docker container prune to remove stopped containers.

If the problem persists, you will have to remove the container that conflicts using docker stop <hash> and then docker rm <hash>

Initialize the database#

Now that Neo4j and the Olympe Orchestrator are running, you can initialize the database with your new project:

npm run reset

If you encounter an error, you can get more debug information with npm run reset:safe.

Launch DRAW#

Finally, launch DRAW by running:

npm run serve

You can then visit http://localhost:8888/.

That's all! You can now take a look at our guides and tutorials, and start building a first app, and add a first brick.